[VIDEO] How Rhodesian Ridgebacks Stay Warm in Winter

Based on my research, the ideal ambient temperature for a Rhodesian Ridgeback’s comfort is somewhere around the surface temperature of the sun. Short of that, they have to make due with sunlight, blankets and heaters. Of all the ways to stay warm this winter, Penny has two particular favorites –  kinetic energy (running at Mach 1 is nice and toasty)  and a good roaring fire. This weekend is going to be bitter cold here in Chicago, so our plan is to run fast in the snow and then cozy up slow to the fire.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

26 thoughts on “[VIDEO] How Rhodesian Ridgebacks Stay Warm in Winter”

  1. A year or so ago I found your videos on YouTube because I was looking to see if all rhodesian ridgebacks love the heat or if my Brea was just crazy. I have enjoyed watching your pups eversince. We got a small space heater last winter amd Brea has claimed it has her own. She goes as far as knocking on it to tell us to turn it on (I think she has us trained pretty well). While the kids and I try to sit by it first Brea will just lay on top of us until we get so uncomfortable we move.

  2. Our yesterday started off at 4 degrees! This morning we had snow up to our bellies. I think today is going to be spent in a puppy pile in a queen sized bed. Any suggestion of going outside is met with side-eyes and unprintable thought bubbles. Keep warm guys!
    Love from under the monster quilt, Jo, Sam and Dean

  3. The Polar Vortex hit Denver today with our high expected to be 6 this afternoon. That along with the 10″ of the white stuff is a surefire guarantee to keep a couple of (sub)Standards inside unless absolutely necessary. The first session of shoveling has been for a “latrine” for their pampered backsides. 😉 Stay warm and cozy.


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