[VIDEO] The Joy, Pain and Lessons of 2016

“I did not ask for the life that I was given, but it was given nonetheless, and with it I did my best.” – Mr. Eko, LOST

 Before signing off to ring in the new year, I want to say thank you. I lost my way when I lost Eko. Each of your kind words pierced my darkness with light. When I finally  had the courage to look up, I saw a sky filled with stars, showing the way forward. Thank you for taking precious time from your own lives to help me find my way. I witnessed firsthand just how far small acts of kindness can carry you. It’s a lesson I’ll hold close to my heart always. Happy New Year!


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  1. Will, my heart goes out to you. I’ve been crying along with you, understanding the devastating loss of your beloved companion, friend, cohort, champion, your sweet, wonderful pup, Eko. I’m sorry for your loss, and I feel that terrible ache that comes with profound loss. I understand, having loved and lost my share of cats over the years. I think with a dog it’s magnified all the more, as they are forever by your side, loyal and pure and dear. My beloved Slinky died earlier this year, and though she was old and frail, it didn’t make her passing one bit easier.

    Arms around you, your dear Emily and Penny too. xo Alys


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