[VIDEO] An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

This weekend brings to a close our playcation with Leo the Bernese Mountain Dog. Penny and Leo are perfectly cast as The Odd Couple. She’s the wiry firebrand, he’s the lovable big guy. Watching their friendship grow over the course of the week was a real treat and I’m glad Penny got to have a constant companion again. (I think Leo is glad to know the position isn’t permanent!) After ten days with Penny, I think our pal is ready for a relaxing staycation back at home. You’ve earned it, buddy!

27 thoughts on “[VIDEO] An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object”

  1. We can’t thank Penny, Emily, and that other guy enough for taking care of our Leo while we were vacationing. Knowing Leo was well cared for made our trip much more enjoyable. I hope Penny enjoyed the week as much as Leo and some of the commentors here did. It’s really fun reading so many comments about Leo from strangers.
    I’m also happy to report that Leo slept the entire day we brought him home. Thankfully for us, I can report that he didn’t adopt too much of Penny’s Mayhem personality.

  2. oh my gosh – how much fun was that house guest!. Leo you are adorable and to see Penny so happy playing was just simply awesome. Then there is Doc….. love Doc and what a gentle man he is letting Penny play her balancing game – love how he braces himself to stay standing and hold her up – great team work. You captured Leo in some beautiful moments – I’d say his parents will let him stay over with you and Penny anytime!


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