[VIDEO] The Story of Zero

It is often difficult in life to know you’re doing the right thing. Other times, thankfully, it’s quite easy. It’s been less than a week with Zero but there’s no doubt he’s the right one for us.

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  1. Congrats Will, Emily! You will have very full lives for the next few months, and not a few sleepless nights. Funny how things work out, when you open your heart. Eko indeed saw your pain and helped put the pieces in place for a new soul in your lives. Penny is due for payback for her needle sharp teeth on Eko! All the best, you two, and we are eternally grateful for your posts and videos. Kija is always riveted when we play your latest!

  2. I am so happy for you! Now these days we are trying to learn our 8 1/2 weeks old RR-girl to be home alone. It is not so easy when you hear she cries. Do you have any tricks? We have a soon to be 4 year old RR-girl as well, but they are not best friends yet, but moving forward 😉 Greetings from Andrea (Shania and Amina)

    • Integration of a new pup takes time. Eko didn’t acknowledge Penny’s existence for the better part of a week! I find it’s really helpful to get both dogs out of the house, somewhere off leash where they can play together.

      Crate training is tough, but tasty treats (try frozen peanut butter in a kong toy) and consistency really do pay off. Good luck!


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