[VIDEO] The Story of Zero

It is often difficult in life to know you’re doing the right thing. Other times, thankfully, it’s quite easy. It’s been less than a week with Zero but there’s no doubt he’s the right one for us.

70 thoughts on “[VIDEO] The Story of Zero”

  1. Oh yeah our first video 🙂 I am crying and smiling and my heart is filled with joy for you guys! I can’t wait for what is to come Will! Kiss that adorable wrinkled face for me, Eko lead you well 🙂

  2. Will,

    How did you choose Zero from amongst the 11 pups? Could you make a video about this process?


    Michael and Maureen Bondor

    • Picking a pup is a bit of an art and a bit of a science, with no guarantees. But I do want to make a video about choosing a breeder/puppy that includes all the info I use to make a decision. The short answer for Zero is that I knew I wanted a boy (which thankfully narrowed me down to 4 pups in this case). During our visit we evaluated temperament/disposition and Mary (our breeder) did the same on her own with some expert help. Independently, Emily, Mary and I all felt that “Orange Boy” would be the best fit.

      • Thank you! Looking forward to the video (of course, I look forward to al your videos!)

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