[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy School

When he’s whining, acting silly, or I just need his attention, I playfully admonish my pup by saying, “Hey Zero, you’re big for a little dog, but you’re still little for a big dog!” He’s more of a big dog and less of a small dog by the moment, but there’s still a lot for Zero to learn about this big world. And with Penny as his teacher, what could possibly go wrong?



Cuteness overload. Love seeing Doc – and so totally not interested lol. Penny is being such a good helpful big sister – talk about role reversal, she is doing awesome. But those paws – wow those paws, no wonder Zero is in aw of them as well. he is going to be a biiiigggggg boy lol

Fun fact: In the Tarot the number Zero is known as the fool.– He’s not an idiot.Rather, he’s innocent, starting a new journey with a leap of faith. Zero is also the first whole number. He’s helping you rebuild! God help you if he starts an excavation crew. Relations with China will never be the same!
Happy birthday Eko(2/18?) We miss you. Your siblings are stirring it up!
Love , Jo, Sam and Dean

Very cool, I did not know that – thanks for sharing! He’s certainly our little mischievous fool. It’s a beautiful day here in Chicago – exactly the kind Eko loved. We went on a long birthday walk to the lake, had a good cry and enjoyed the sun on our faces.

Bailie is always teaching Madison everything too. It’s great to have a sister who loves you and can show you the basics of dog life. Unfortunately, she also teaches her the naughty stuff, but they are just having fun, so we don’t get to upset about it.

I loved seeing Zero marveling at his own paws. Lol. And seeing him in action with Penny and Doc was awesome. Can’t imagine how anyone could resist your little-big pup!

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