[VIDEO] Stretching Those Puppy Legs

Beautiful Montrose Dog Beach waits for us just on the other side of the dunes. But until Zero’s had his final round of vaccinations we need to hold off on any visits to public dog-friendly areas. Luckily my brother has a small backyard with just enough room to let my growing pup stretch his legs.

40 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Stretching Those Puppy Legs”

  1. One of my human mommy’s happiest days was the first day that my little sister Tallulah could go to the dog park. They both came home exhausted. Can’t wait to see Zero on the beach!

  2. What a treat this was! I just burst out laughing watching Zero run in that coat of his. It just cracked me up. And Doc is such a distinguished looking gentleman. He’s like, “Oh Gawd. The cousins are back.” It would be so cool to do this same video one year from now. I have a feeling (judging by Zero’s feet) — that ZERO will be doing the chasing. Oh poor Penny. If she only knew. It’s so great to see her have so much fun with her little brother.


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