[VIDEO] Zero’s First Week at Montrose Dog Beach

Montrose Dog Beach is undoubtedly my favorite place in Chicago to visit with the pups. When you step over the dune the city fades away behind you. It’s just you, your dog, the sand and the lake. It’s only been a week since Zero was old enough to join us, but safe to say it’s now officially his favorite place too!

21 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Zero’s First Week at Montrose Dog Beach”

  1. Wow a thursday video – love it – so cute how he was such a silly puppy at class at first -mine was too – he is growing up to be such a gorgeous boy – and Penny, as always, looks wonderful as a speeding dynamo

  2. One of these days I have to get to Montrose Beach! I would just die if I could see the pups playing in “person”. Zero in that coat was too cute! Can’t wait for your summer adventures to begin!


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