[VIDEO] Surviving Puppy Teething

Penny’s teething was an especially tumultuous time for an especially tumultuous pup.  We survived, not unscathed, minus a few pieces of future, and are wiser from the experience. This time around with Zero we’ve used our experience, Penny’s relentlessness, and a bit of creativity to help get us all through with a few less (emotional/financial/literal) scars!

23 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Surviving Puppy Teething”

  1. What a great ide with the wiggle toy😁👍🏻
    And must I say OMG! Zero is getting so big🐶😍 I’m excited to see his transformation todler to teen 🐶❤😁

  2. As you and most of your experienced dog owners and followers know, the 2nd stage of teething is the worst! That’s when furniture can be destroyed and nerves will be shot!😬 My advice is to just be aware and ready for this stage;always have a chew toy to offer when noticing your puppy about to help itself to your furniture. I am also a big proponent of crate training as a positive, never used in a negative way. In nature, canines are by nature den animals, and they naturally will gravitate towards a crate, especially one with a crate cover that creates more of a den like space. Hope this helps anyone that might need it.😊🐾❤


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