[VIDEO] The Measure of A Puppy and A Baby

Sure, measuring growth and change in height and weight is nice. But I find a study in contrasts to be a lot more fun! Lincoln still has plenty of growing left to do and *gulp* so does Zero!

22 thoughts on “[VIDEO] The Measure of A Puppy and A Baby”

  1. Oh boy, I do believe Zero is obsessed with Lincoln. I have a feeling that bond is just going to get stronger and will be unbreakable. You can tell by Zeros eyes he already adores him.
    I bet Penny is just fine with that….lol. Lincoln is adorable and I know every time you look at him, your heart feels like it will burst. There is a book that I would read to my daughter when she was little…..every single night. It’s called “I’ll Love you Forever “. Have you heard of it? .if not, please tell Emily about my suggestion. Once she reads it, she’ll get it. From one mother to another….


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