[VIDEO] Buckle Up, Kid. It’s Ridgeback Adventure Time.

Just because you’re not a Ridgeback and you can’t even walk yet doesn’t mean you can’t come along for adventure!





What a lovely family you have, two footed, and four footed. I have SO enjoyed your blog. I’m finally in Chicago for the first time this weekend. What a beautiful city. We’re here from the east coast for my daughter’s bachelorette weekend. The dog lovers among us are hoping to visit the dog beach tomorrow to get our dog fix. It will be nice to relate first hand to Penny’s and Zero’s (and Libcoln’s) beach adventures.

This is such a beautiful,natural progression.I’ve never understood how people can shove the dog to the side when a child is born but I know it happens.Not chez Will and Emily though-it is not an either/or for you.In addition to all the joy you are experiencing watching Lincoln it must be so much fun watching Penny and Zero find new ways to dote on him.Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments with us.

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