24 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Circle of Life”

  1. Just pure fun this video was my dear friends. The pic on the couch with the hands over her hand – OMP – that is priceless indeed. Happy weekend <3 XOXO – Bacon

  2. No matter your mood, you can’t help but get a smile on your face watching Ms Mayhem running, enjoying herself and seeing how she brings others into her circle her through her exuberance! (Would love to see her with the Lion 🦁 headdress and how Lincoln reacts to her change)

  3. I always think of each new day as a chance to start over……bringing along the good of the past days and discarding the bad…….then making some “NEW” good things to bring to the next day and the next……kind of my own personal “circle”……………..but it works for me and has brought me through multiple bouts of cancer so who can say it isn’t working? WHATEVER works for you and your family, Will, is what you keep and carry forward with…………yep – that’s MY kind of circle alright!!


  4. love that energy and love to watch them play w/such energy -Penny is a circle lover for sure and kudos to Zero for trying to keep up-great friday video – have a good weekend

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