[VIDEO] How To Feed a Rhodesian Ridgeback

People are passionate about their dogs, which is awesome. People are also increasingly passionate about what they feed their dogs, which is also great! That said, I think that passion often breeds competition rather than collaboration. It’s tough to sift through all the data on canine nutrition and I know I’ve felt overwhelmed by the increasing number of available choices.  Today’s video covers how I like to think about canine nutrition in a way that helps me best care for my dogs.

8 thoughts on “[VIDEO] How To Feed a Rhodesian Ridgeback”

  1. Nice video and thank you for including the vet in your dietary plans! So many people don’t remember that veterinarians can provide a dietary consult if they are unsure, confused, or worried about all the crazy different nutrition options out there, and they tend to be a more concentrated source of info than internet chat groups.

  2. Great video…….feeding cats (especially if they are a bit overweight to start with) is tough too……and they have slow bowls for kitties as well so that’s helpful if you have a “gobbler”. Teddy is typically picky about food and it does keep me on my toes with trying this and that. Whatever it takes, we do want to be sure our pets get the best food along with all the love they can stand!!



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