[VIDEO] Spring in Chicago?

Next week has to be our week, right?



This blog is lovely! I brought my first dog into my life at age 53, a shelter dog which they told me was a boxer collie and according to three vets is a pitbull. No matter, fell in love after 3 days and life hasn’t been the same since. Joy, pure joy. Love your writing, photos, and videos!!!! Thank you for your beautiful insights and expressing so eloquently what I feel when I spend time with my dog!!!!

I think we have your Spring….. please come and take it away…….. I also think we may have a clone of Penny in our Ansel – you can come and take him away too. Thanks ­čÖé lol

Spring “seems” to have finally arrived here in the Hudson Valley, NY Old Man Winter has been very testy this year.

Penny and Zero are having a grand time. And those ducks aren’t even worried that they might get caught!

Lincoln just keeps getting cuter. I want him to stay as healthy and happy as he looks!!
­čö╣ Ginger ­čö╣

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