15 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Spring in Chicago?”

  1. Winter has been flexing his muscles around here too. Luckily spring (much like a certain Penny dog) is persistent with arriving to save the day on occasion. Happy weekend, whichever season appears in your ‘hood.

  2. Chasing ducks in the water is Khoi’s thing, too, although he hates water. Go figure. He once spent almost an hour swimming around our neighbor’s pond in pursuit of another’s neighbor’s pet ducks. Once he caught one resting out of water, he stood over it waiting for it to go back in so as to resume the chase. He slept well that night.
    Happy almost Spring, Will! It will be there soon enough. I’ve already had to mow everything here at five times😏At least we’re still green, but the pollens are atrocious😖

  3. Spring is like that rainbow you see in the sky, the more we chase it the more it eludes us. So glad Link is enjoying the warmer days, soon enough he will be in the water with Penny chasing after those ducks for a good meal from “easyweimaraner”s” recipe 😊 Enjoy the weekend

    • pretty soon he’ll be out there with penny teaching him how to swim and help her on the hunt!

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