The Rhodesian Ridgeback Tigger Gene

Mary, Zero’s breeder, calls it the “Tigger gene.” But whatever you call it, Zero has some serious bounce in him. I picked up a Sony Action cam this week to help me capture the high-flying pup in action.

If you’re interested in an action cam for your dog, I highly recommend this Sony FDR – X3000.  A proliferation of competitors to GoPro has really broken the action camera market wide open.  There are more choices than ever for consumers, which is great, but the glut of options can be overwhelming. After exhaustive research I landed on the Sony not only for it’s image quality, but also for it’s unrivaled image stabilization. If like me, your camera will be bouncing around (or on top of) your dog, the Sony gives you by far the smoothest video possible.

26 thoughts on “The Rhodesian Ridgeback Tigger Gene”

    • Zero and Penny are. The camera is splash proof on its own, waterproof when placed in the enclosed housing.

  1. Nice to see you hands-free! Thanks for the tips on the camera, we have a small go pro now too. Our Lola has the tigger gene so I get it. Maybe put a float on the camera to slow its descent?

    • I’m working on rigging Zero to a series of balloons for just this purpose 😉


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