One Year Old Rhodesian Ridgeback vs One Year Old Human Being [VIDEO]

When I was younger, my mom would often accidentally call me by our family dog’s name. I was incensed. In her defense, we had a Dalmatian and I had freckles, so it was understandable. Now that I have a dog and a kid of my own, well let’s just say I empathize with my mom’s mixup more than ever.

23 thoughts on “One Year Old Rhodesian Ridgeback vs One Year Old Human Being [VIDEO]”

  1. Happy FIRST Birthday to Linc and Zero! Looks like both had a great time celebrating it together!! Enjoy the road trips and can’t wait to see or read about them!

  2. What a great video…..Happy BIG ONE Linc and we hope he and the pups have tons of fun this summer – life moves so quickly and savoring each moment is important especially when the family is as close and fun as yours is!! Enjoy……………….

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    • I’m glad to have all the videos now, but I know I’ll treasure them even more as time goes on

  3. Happy birthday to the little fellow! So happy he gets along so well with the pups. We are hoping to make it back to Montrose beach again this summer. We have a couple trials in the Chicago area.


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