[VIDEO] A Boy Raised by Rhodesian Ridgebacks

There’s no one right way to raise a dog or a kid. But I’ve found the best way for me to raise a dog and a kid is together. It’s not always easy, but the worthwhile things rarely are.

We’re off this weekend for the first of two family road trips. Hope everyone enjoys the Fourth, we’ll catch up with you when we get back.


25 thoughts on “[VIDEO] A Boy Raised by Rhodesian Ridgebacks”

  1. Such a marvelous training video! Constant training, keep treats stashed around the house so they are always at hand when needed. constant supervision.

    Will, these videos are incredibly helpful! Please keep it up!

  2. wow – Lincoln has the most beautiful smile – such a sweet boy to his 4 legged brothers – great video – i love to see the 3 of them playing, learning and living side by side by side. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you! Sharing the experience is one of the best ways for me to internalize what I need to be teaching both the dogs and Lincoln. Plus taking videos gives us additional practice time together

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