[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Vacation Adventure

We enjoy romps in Lake Michigan so much in Chicago, we figured we should check in on all the waves Penny and Zero send crashing into the Michigan shore on the other side. Turns out those waves are doing just fine! So the pups decided to send them on back across to meet us home.


18 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Vacation Adventure”

  1. Sun, sand, surf, swimmers!! What more could you ask for a fun time on the lake? Looks like Link will be your new cameraman before too long! Thanks for sharing your trip

    • Once Penny’s typing improves and Zero learns how to mix drinks I’m ready to kick back and let to blog run itself.

  2. Aw as always just love your posts. It gives me such joy to see your two play as my two used to… missing our Meeka so much… she and Elli used to romp the same way 🐾

    • Glad we can share a few smiles to help salve the hurt for a bit. Playing joyfully with these guys is always the best antidote for me.

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