[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Vermont Vacation 2018

Our third annual pilgrimage to Vermont was well worth the fifteen hour ride each way. I was certain the trip to the farm would be mindblowing for Lincoln, but I guess the phrase “raised in a barn” might apply to my city boy more than I ever thought!



What a pawsome adventure. And yes, Zero’s swimming form does seem to be improving. Perhaps big sister, Penny has been schooling him on more than just romping and rolling on dry land. Happy weekend!

What a wonderful video! You can sure see the joy on everybody’s face. This is my kind of vacation for sure. I absolutely love watching all the fun you and your two Legged and four-legged family had. Thank you so much!

What a wonderful addition to your collection of video captured adventures. Some of these will be fun material for Lincoln’s first girlfriend to see (!) – I think that’s required behavior for parents right? Looks like you all had a wonderful time – the joy the dogs have in flying through the fields is so cool to see. This is what I call a truly beautiful family vacation!

Hugs, Pam

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