[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Vermont Vacation 2018

Our third annual pilgrimage to Vermont was well worth the fifteen hour ride each way. I was certain the trip to the farm would be mindblowing for Lincoln, but I guess the phrase “raised in a barn” might apply to my city boy more than I ever thought!

11 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Vermont Vacation 2018”

  1. Your video brought back such great memories of family vacations with my two boys, Buster and Ridge, including the wild romps in wide open spaces. Buster is 11-half now and Ridge 6 but they still can’t resist the lure of wide open spaces just for shorter times. Thanks for bringing back great memories with your most lovely videos.

  2. You’ll really enjoy looking back on these vacations years from now, and showing Link how fearless he was of other creatures from the very start! Thanks for sharing! and yes, who did end up with the apple?

  3. oh wow your Lincoln is a brave little boy… probably because he grows up with two fearless lion hunters and the best parents of slice earth …. the chicken looked promising… who got the apple at the end? ;O))))


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