[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Lion Hunting Training

First, we’d like to humbly accept the adulation we’ve received for keeping Chicago safe from lions all these years. It’s not glamorous work, but if it means the people of this city can finally sleep without fear of a lion invasion, it’s worth the effort. Many of you may get Monday off, but I can assure you Penny and Zero will be hard at work!

9 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Lion Hunting Training”

  1. No wonder I felt so safe when I was in Chicago the weekend of the 18th of August, I didn’t have to worry about Lions!! Actually my cousin lives near Wrigley in a gorgeous house that is 2 houses away from your old Mayor. I sooo wanted to go to Montrose to look for all of you! Loved this and the photography is exquisite! I can’t believe how big Zero is and I LOVE how NOTHING intimidates “Penny Mayhem” and of course, Lincoln is adorable! Hoping you all had a wonderful Labor Day!

  2. Um, you better come to Arizona. While you weren’t looking, they snuck a theme park “Out of Africa” and put up billboards showing lions with directions on how to get there. They’re mocking you.


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