[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Lion Hunting Training

First, we’d like to humbly accept the adulation we’ve received for keeping Chicago safe from lions all these years. It’s not glamorous work, but if it means the people of this city can finally sleep without fear of a lion invasion, it’s worth the effort. Many of you may get Monday off, but I can assure you Penny and Zero will be hard at work!

9 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Lion Hunting Training”

  1. Penny knows how to play a good game of “chicken”, she never blinked once and poor Zero made the mistake of moving his head and that was when Ms Mayhem knew she’d won! You all have a great and safe weekend and I am glad they have cleared the streets of the lions and Link can not worry about them showing up!

  2. while you keep chicago safe from lions – here in WV we are keeping our fellow West Virginians safe from squirrels and deer……..dangerous things that they are – great video – have a great weekend

  3. Penny really does have a well-honed and perfectly perfected STARE DOWN…….Zero knows that and certainly any other beach goer who has seen these two practicing their lion hunting knows that. My Teddy (who thinks he’s at least PART lion) says he could give those two a run for their money (as long as it was a very short run – like maybe ten feet max.). Have a great Labor Day weekend………

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


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