Borrowing Courage From Our Dogs

Our fears are our own. No one can take them from us, so we must find a way to face them. Thankfully, our dogs are willing to lend us their courage when we find our own lacking. I’m grateful Lincoln already finds inspiration in Penny and Zero.

9 thoughts on “Borrowing Courage From Our Dogs”

  1. Lincoln just gets cuter and cuter and he is so good at following what Penny and Zero do – what a fun group (and Emily looks so happy!)

  2. These posts are great Will. I love when you include Lincoln! We’re about to welcome our first (human) baby next month. I’m in search of posts that you may have, about bringing baby home to Ridgebacks, how to train them with baby around, or any suggestions. It’ll obviously be a learning experience for us. Riggs (our fur baby) will be 1 yrs old next month (a 1 yr old and newborn – obviously not well planned!). I’m a bit nervous as he’s still such an energetic puppy, very inquisitive, at times naughty with his listening skills. Any guidance – or suggestions of previous posts to read would be so helpful!!

    • Congrats! Probably the most helpful stuff is on the YouTube channel. If you scroll through the past year’s videos a lot of them show how we work on safely integrating the team. Zero was six months old when Link was born, so it can be done! A lot of consistent positive reinforcement with plenty of treats can accomplish nearly anything.

    • I usually only string together grammatically correct sentences accidentally, so I’m not throwing any stones from this glass house.

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