The Rhodesian Ridgeback Parenting Model

Do I have any idea how to raise a child? No. But do I dedicate myself to reading parenting books and trying to learn? Also no. Thus far my fall back plan has been taking care of Lincoln by taking care of the dogs. It may lead him to a predilection for eating out of a dog bowl, but nonetheless I’m pretty happy with the results!

10 thoughts on “The Rhodesian Ridgeback Parenting Model”

  1. I adore this! When my boys were little and I used to tell some of my friends how my experience raising dogs was helpful with my new adventure raising kids, I would get some pretty strange looks. Having consistency, patience, love, and not taking things too seriously works well for both kids and pets.

  2. Linc playing with the onions reminded me of my brother teaching my housemate’s son to play “roll an onion” (i.e. rolling an onion up the hallway). Who knew onion play was an international phenomenon?


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