Thankful My Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Each Other

I often talk about how thankful I am to have my dogs, but I’m also grateful they have each other. With Zero turning two this weekend, I took a look back at how he’s helped Penny rediscover herself. It means the world to me that these two have grown so close and are always happiest together. Happy Thanksgiving and happy birthday Zero!

25 thoughts on “Thankful My Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Each Other”

  1. Will! This is so sweet. I watched the entire thing with goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes. You have become quite the storyteller! Eko was one in a million, I’m proud to say I knew you both way back when. Penny and Zero’s enthusiasm transcends beyond the canine world! Thanks so much for sharing, and happiest of holidays to you!

    • Well hello there Katie! So great to hear from you. This whole wild ride would not have been possible without your support (and infinite patience!) Thanks for checking in, hope all is well with you in St. Louis.

  2. Happy Birthday Zero……I think you brought more to your new family than they ever expected and isn’t that a FABULOUS thing! I know you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with so much to be thankful for and so much more “thankful” to look forward to.

    Pam and Teddy

  3. We did not realize that Zero was born on Thanksgiving! Our Jelly Bean was also born on Turkey day (she is definately a turkey) and we share a lot of the same feelings about her as you do for him. She came to us at after we lost our girl unexpectedly and helped us heal. As always, thank you for sharing, we are always happy to see the crazy joyous chaos.


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