Thankful My Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Each Other

I often talk about how thankful I am to have my dogs, but I’m also grateful they have each other. With Zero turning two this weekend, I took a look back at how he’s helped Penny rediscover herself. It means the world to me that these two have grown so close and are always happiest together. Happy Thanksgiving and happy birthday Zero!

25 thoughts on “Thankful My Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Each Other”

  1. we hope you read only the best things in the paw ;O) and we enjoy all the happiness of your pups to have each other… maybe once our two boys will be happy for each other too (sort of) … Happy Thanksgiving to you all and thanks for being a friend…

  2. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY ZERO. I COULD NOT be happier that you joined this family. I knew Penny and Will needed you so much. Not and never to replace Eko but to help the healing process move forward. I will never forget that day my heart broke and now has joy of Penny and Zero together in the sunrises and silohuetts on the beach. I joined this family when Will and Eko took their year to travel. Will and Emily you are so blessed on this day. How much you have done for the good. Have a great day. Hugs

    • Thank you! We feel very fortunate to have found such a great dog who gives all of us so much love each day. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We have thought of you a lot the past few weeks since we suddenly lost Emma. Mom has not been the same, she cries all the time, talks at us about Emma, it has been so hard. We know she loves us and we make her happy, but the hole in her heart left by Emma is so huge and fresh, it is impossible to repair. She is very grateful Bailie and I have each other. If anything, we have gotten even closer. We will all get through this in time, but Mom says it is the hardest loss she has had. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. As you know, be thankful for every moment, because in an instant, life can change.

    • Oh man, that hurts. Emma’s face was one of the first greeting me when I began this blog and checking in on her adventures was part of a comforting morning routine for me. I know food won’t taste right and Thanksgiving won’t be the same, but thankful you have two pups who will need your love and care more than ever. Them needing you is sometimes the only thing that can get you through some days. Sending lots of love.

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