Thankful My Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Each Other

I often talk about how thankful I am to have my dogs, but I’m also grateful they have each other. With Zero turning two this weekend, I took a look back at how he’s helped Penny rediscover herself. It means the world to me that these two have grown so close and are always happiest together. Happy Thanksgiving and happy birthday Zero!

25 thoughts on “Thankful My Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Each Other”

  1. Happy birthday Zero. Thankful here also our boys have each other. After loosing our Nico we were all pining for him but our little Ansel brings us joy on a daily – and often hourly or minute basis! Ziggy has a new lease of life and seems to think he is a puppy again too. It is lovely to watch. Enjoy your birthday play Zero and Penny xo

  2. Wonderful, heartfelt video, Will. You and Penny are definitely lucky to have found Zero. Happy Birthday to the big lug, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family.

  3. Happy Birthday Zero! Happy Thanksgiving Will, Emily, Link, Penny & Zero! Thank you for your beautiful photos and stories!


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