2018 Rhodesian Ridgeback Review

I’m turning in my 2018 homework a bit late because…my dog ate it? Hm, no, the dogs were the homework, so that doesn’t work. I’m a bit out of practice with excuses, but either way, thanks for joining us at all the stops along the way in 2018!


19 thoughts on “2018 Rhodesian Ridgeback Review”

  1. Always a treat when I see that a video has been posted. But it makes me wonder, can I really be serious when I tell myself that one Ridgeback is enough?

    • I was warned that I’d want another, didn’t believe it, and now look at me! I’m a tad bit biased, but if you’re able to swing it, I think two is even more fun than one.

  2. that is beautiful…loved the moment with the dog treats and what fabulous wave jumpers the pups are! I think wave riding is out and wave jumping is in…. have a super 2019 and I hope so much that your video about this year contains only super good moments!!!

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