A Snowy Start to 2019

December was all bark from Mother Nature in Chicago, but in January she’s shown she has plenty of bite!

There’s nothing better than cozying up with Penny and Zero by the fire, but we think that warmth always feels best after we earn it with wild romps through the snow.

11 thoughts on “A Snowy Start to 2019”

  1. Been thinking of you guys when seeing the reports of the extreme cold snap in the US – meanwhile here in NZ we’ve been getting a bit of a heatwave. But holy shit – excuse my language that sure looks cold. None of the kids mind though eh – still have to get out and play with them but coming back inside to the warmth is very rewarding for all. Stay safe over there.

  2. I can just see it next year, Link going door to door telling the neighbors what he’ll charge for cleaning their sidewalks and steps ‼️ Great video and thanks for a nice start for the weekend

    • As his business manager/father, I promise my commission fee for each job he gets will be equitable

  3. wow well done Lincoln, you are better than our dad with da snow shovel ;O))) …the start of the video was gorgeous… amazing that we can do what we want they are even faster than we are ;O)))

    • Emily would like me to remind everyone she is actually a very good runner! But we all look like slowpokes next to our dogs

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