Better Versions of Ourselves

Whoever we are, we are better for having a dog. While we can often hide from ourselves, there’s no hiding from our pups. They need our love, our care, and our best effort.

In the moment, I’m not always excited to go out in the freezing cold in the morning, but I’m always grateful Penny and Zero get me out there. I am unequivocally better for it.

9 thoughts on “Better Versions of Ourselves”

  1. Hello! Your family is so beautiful! My husband and I are interested in getting a RR. Do you recommend any specific breeders? Particularly, in the NY region. Thank you so much!

  2. Love watching the good cop, bad cop routine with the Huskies. There’s something about female dogs, they play h.a.r.d. and r.o.u.g.h. Boys should learn to approach with caution or be lightening quick. Enjoy those beach romps.


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