Spring Loaded

Spring is less a season and more of a state of mind for Zero and Penny. The weather has been slow to adopt that state of mind, but we’re savoring every brief glimpse of the sun we can get! Side note, if you’re wondering why the site currently looks like an idiot designed it….mystery solved! I’m trying to make some updates, but as always, I have no idea what I’m doing so things may look wonky for a bit/forever.

6 thoughts on “Spring Loaded”

  1. I just had a chance to watch “Spring Loaded” and definitely one of my absolute favorite parts was watching Zero lay on the beach as Penny ran around like….well like Penny! Full of gusto and joy. It’s always amazing to see the love and companionship they have for one another and for the “human” family. Thank you as always for allowing us to share in it all.❤️
    P. S. The website looks great, no worries😄


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