16 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Missing Rhodesian Ridgeback”

  1. Oh, my heart just melts. Link is getting so big! I love how he and the pups interact. You have done a fantastic job…and continue to do so…teaching them respect for each other.

    • Thanks! It’s getting even more fun now that he’s starting to get his feet and voice under him.

  2. Thankfully the mystery of the missing Ridgeback is not something I go through. My Diesel is my constant shadow. When I go out he then becomes my wife’s shadow when she goes out he stray with the eldest and then goes down list by age of my children. When the rare happens and no one is home apparently to the cats dismay he is it. (Video footage of this is hilarious).

  3. Amazing beautiful dogs.Its so beautiful how your child interacts with those magnificent dogs.
    You do beautiful video’s.
    Thanks for making our day

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