First Comes Dog, Then Comes Marriage

I’m not entirely sure why Emily agreed to marry me, but at this point it’s probably best I not ask too many questions. What I do know is that none of this – this channel, this blog, or this man – would have been possible without her love.

If someone you love wants to get a dog, I hope this video gives you a reason to hear them out!

10 thoughts on “First Comes Dog, Then Comes Marriage”

  1. wow; a beautiful and endearing post..I can totally identify with the ‘I need a dog’ – they make me happy 🙂 they do…from the bottom of my feet to the very top of my head… nothing can match pure unconditional love a RR can give xx

  2. Your video prose brought tears of joy to my face and heart. Happy anniversary to my favorite Ridgeback Family, both the two and four legged members. 😍May you love for one another continue to grow and thrive.

  3. This video IS a gift and something you’ll forever enjoy looking at again and again…… is the story of love – the kind of love everyone really wants to have – the forever kind. You two (now three or five depending on how you look at it!) are a lovely family – one that will through the years just get better with age. I’m so happy for you and Emily that you found your bliss AND filled out your hearts with Linc and the pups – where to from here? Well, the sky is the limit for you – this I feel in my bones.

    Hugs, Pam


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