First Comes Dog, Then Comes Marriage

I’m not entirely sure why Emily agreed to marry me, but at this point it’s probably best I not ask too many questions. What I do know is that none of this – this channel, this blog, or this man – would have been possible without her love.

If someone you love wants to get a dog, I hope this video gives you a reason to hear them out!

10 thoughts on “First Comes Dog, Then Comes Marriage”

  1. Happy Anniversary, you two! 🎉❤️ Yes, I think this great video counts as a gift. 😍 Thanks, Will, for this wonderful flashback over the last 4 years. Like you, I still miss Eko. But his love of you two still shines through. I will always miss my Rusty, but I feel his love for me, too. Someday soon I hope to have another Welsh Terrier puppy to brighten my life again.

  2. Happy anniversary to you two… the perfect match really exists… you are the evidence. All the luck of this world to you and your family & furmily you really deserved it to be happy every day…


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