Rhodesian Ridgeback Grooming and Bathing Tips

It’s Friday, and you know what that means, baby – a seven minute video about dog grooming! And they have the audacity to say I’m not as cool as I used to be…

In any event, from nails to coat to teeth, I get a lot of questions about Ridgeback grooming, so I put this together to cover it all. If you don’t have a Ridgeback hopefully there are still a few universal tips which are helpful. If not, I’ve no doubt you’ll find my forthcoming treatise on expressing anal glands to be worth your time. Wait, where is everyone going???

6 thoughts on “Rhodesian Ridgeback Grooming and Bathing Tips”

  1. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS VIDEO!! I needed it 20 years ago and eventually learned by trial and error. It caused a lot of stress and trauma to do bathing and nails because, even as puppies, my first two were very difficult—especially since they were siblings(will never do that again).

    I started off on the right foot with my 3rd and 4th ridgeback and it made all the difference.

    I realized that IT’S NOT JUST GROOMING. It’s an opportunity to bond and to establish boundaries as well. The grooming ritual became something I looked forward to. In their own way, my last 2 RRs seemed to almost thank me after grooming. I cherished that time we had together, even if they ran thru a mud puddle a few hrs later. 😊

    After a 5yr break, I’m looking for my next puppy, and I can’t wait for her first bath!! Thanks to your video I’m all inspired!

    • There’s a lot of stumbling and bumbling for all us first-timers, so I’m always glad when I can help spare others a bit of mishap. And you make a great point – the bonding and training and trust you build upon through grooming is invaluable in all aspects of life.

  2. I’ve found that keeping a hand on my Ridgeback while I bathe her keeps her from shaking (as in shaking off water). Once I get her towel over her, I let her shake to her heart’s content. This works not just for Ridgebacks of course. I learned the trick with my first dog, and Shar Pei/Shepherd mix, another 90 pounder. I get all the gear ready first, shampoo, rubber curry brush, and towels. I clear out all the stuff I don’t want to get wet, and kneel on a thick towel to protect my knees. I know some people wash their dogs outside with a hose, but I just don’t think that cold water is the most comfortable for them. I use tepid to warm water. Of course if it’s a hot day, I’ll make the water cooler. I liked your tips for teeth cleaning and nail trimming, two things that I’m not consistent with. I love your blog and I also think Ridgebacks are simply the best.

    • Yes! A hand on the scruff magically stops the shake! I’ve heard it’s due to the instinct not to move when their mother carried them as a pup – but that may just be a fun bit of fancy. Like you, I’m big on emphasizing their comfort, especially since it’s not their favorite thing in the first place. Glad you enjoy the blog!

  3. The poodles outvoted me on the teeth brushing though I’ve tried the process through repeated conditioning efforts over the years. Rather than fight them, I switched to a kelp additive which has made an enormous difference though I confess to buying a couple of dental tools for a quick swipe here and there when needed and as I can get in. Outstanding video and especially enjoyed the quality control department’s efforts. 😊

  4. Coconut oil is a cheaper and more healthy way to brush your dogs teeth. I am not sure about your toothpaste but most toothpaste on the market has stuff in it that is not good for dogs. Not sure why but there are also ointments out there meant to put on your dog that have stuff in them not meant for dogs either. Always do your research on your ingredients. You are a good doggie owner so I am sure you have done your research. Just an cheaper alternative for people who might not know. I feed raw bones so most of my dogs teeth care is taken care of with the raw bones scrapping the teeth but one of my dogs still has a tartar problem so we use coconut oil.


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