Rhodesian Ridgebacks Play Fetch

Fast, agile and powerful, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are the perfect breed to play fetch….with the one minor exception being that most of the breed doesn’t have the faintest idea of why anyone would want to partake in the first place. Taking on a lion is one thing, but matching up against a tennis ball is a far more difficult challenge.

11 thoughts on “Rhodesian Ridgebacks Play Fetch”

  1. On our first pair we ended up playing catch in the yard (my husband and I) with the dogs bouncing between us chasing the ball every time we threw it.

  2. Oh I loved this video as it reminds me of Juley when she was younger as she would chase the ball but never return it to you either! Also had to tell you the crash at the end of the video is Priceless!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  3. Neeka has always been terrible at catching, even food. She lets it bounce off her head first. Khoi, on the other hand, just opens his maw and it would be near impossible NOT to miss. Playing fetch?…yeh, right😏Love seeing other Ridgies having the same issues. You have some great footage there..Thank you for getting it, because I’m generally too busy laughing to even remember to start recording.


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