How Much Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Weigh?

The question is not how much does a Ridgeback weigh, but how much should they weigh. The answer depends entirely on the individual dog.

Today’s video covers some helpful guidelines for ensuring your Ridgeback stays at their healthiest weight, whatever that number may be.

15 thoughts on “How Much Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Weigh?”

  1. Weight is an issue for my dog as well…actually for me since I control the food. Thanks for the reminders

  2. I’ve always found weight management a challenge with RR’s..I mainly feed raw, with some biscuits…thanks for the reminder … you’re right…they are ALWAYS hungry!!!!!!

  3. Yes I agree it’s easy to indulge that doggy face wanting what you are eating too and they also have a never ending appetite! But I just really wanted to say I love the part of the video where Lincoln is talking to the two sleeping pups whether they are responding to him or not! LOL

  4. I have always battled weight with Khoi. Neeka got down to a nice lean weight, then got into some veggie sticks (a LOT of veggie sticks) I inadvertently left on the counter, and she bloated up. She looked pregnant. Now we’re back to work. Their vet once told me, an slightly underweight dog is healthier than an at weight dog. I guess that would help counter binge eating😏Now it’s the season to keep Khoi out of the vegetable garden and blueberries. My work is never done.

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