How Much Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Weigh?

The question is not how much does a Ridgeback weigh, but how much should they weigh. The answer depends entirely on the individual dog.

Today’s video covers some helpful guidelines for ensuring your Ridgeback stays at their healthiest weight, whatever that number may be.

17 thoughts on “How Much Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Weigh?”

  1. When I had Ridgebacks I was constantly being told by strangers that my dogs were too skinny. My mentors said they were just right. Many people aren’t used to seeing lean dogs – so prepare to do a lot of educating!

    • Yup, great point! You may be misjudged by others, but what’s most important is your dogs are healthy. If you can help spread the info to those other people – even better

  2. Thank you for this video! I don’t know how many Ridgebacks I have seen that are at least 20lbs over weight and the owner says it’s “all muscle”. Seems that many people think the heavier the dog the more bad ass. So not true. I hope that people will start to see themselves in this video and put the dog’s health above their machoism. Thank you!

    • When I got Eko I did not have the slightest clue about how to tell if a dog was at a healthy weight, so like most people I vastly overestimated my guess. There is definitely a “I have the biggest Ridgeback”-machismo aspect to it, but I think there is also a “Food = Love” component. But I think everyone just wants to give their best the best life possible so hopefully this video helps show why a healthy weight is essential for that

  3. Great video! I would enjoy some more product reviews. I found your coverage of the collars and the bed so helpful. What do you use for dental cleaning? Toothbrushing, treat chews, etc.?

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