How Do You Get Over Losing Your Dog?

The death of a beloved dog wounds us each in a uniquely terrible way. We fear the day we’ll lose them, we are shattered the moment it happens, but what comes after?

Three years after losing Eko, I finally have the perspective to appreciate all the moments his love still makes possible. There’s no getting over the pain, there’s just getting on with it – knowing the unimaginable hurt is the price we must pay for a love that will guide us for the rest of our lives.

13 thoughts on “How Do You Get Over Losing Your Dog?”

  1. Losing a member is not something you get over, the hurt just becomes a part of who we are. After losing my beloved Lab 8 years ago I swore I would never get another dog, but 4 years ago we adopted Park and she quickly became a beloved family member, now that we have to face losing her much sooner than we expected from Lymphoma we are faced with the decision to not adopt again. I am trying to love every moment with her now, but it is hard with her death looming over us. The hurt we will experience will become a part of us too another layer of our lives.

  2. The timing of this is quite something. I lost my beloved 12 year old female ridgeback, Gryphon, quite suddenly just yesterday to hemangiosarcoma; there was no real warning except her advanced age. We have her 8 year old son Brutus. He very definitely knows she is gone and is clearly subdued; he’s never been without her. I feel lucky to have him because I need his love as much as he needs mine. I took him on a long off-leash walk today to distract him and tire him out (and me, too). When we got home I could see that his disappointment that she wasn’t in any of her favorite sleeping spots. It is amazing how much we love them and how much it hurts to lose them. Thank you for your posts. I’m always happy to see new ones.


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