How Do You Get Over Losing Your Dog?

The death of a beloved dog wounds us each in a uniquely terrible way. We fear the day we’ll lose them, we are shattered the moment it happens, but what comes after?

Three years after losing Eko, I finally have the perspective to appreciate all the moments his love still makes possible. There’s no getting over the pain, there’s just getting on with it – knowing the unimaginable hurt is the price we must pay for a love that will guide us for the rest of our lives.

13 thoughts on “How Do You Get Over Losing Your Dog?”

  1. Thanks Will for your honesty and for sharing your loss of Echo – we all lost Echo when he passed. Our pups stay forever our pups and stay forever in our hearts.

  2. Great, crying my eyes out now. Eko set the standards for all Ridgebacks. Neeka and Khoi struggle on a daily basis to meet those expectations, but at the end of the day, when they’re curled up at my side, they’ve exceeded every one. I don’t even want to think about the time when they won’t be there, however, I know i will think about them every minute and know they left a permanent mark on my heart.

  3. There’s no way to prevent losing a pup-their lifespans are shorter and we cannot even save ourselves from this fate. Getting a new pup is the best way to honor Eko. They’re all different but all good.


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