Our Year in Review

Emily, Lincoln, Quinn, Penny and Zero are stuck with me. Not sure what the rest of your excuses are, but nonetheless I’m grateful for everyone who shared the year with us. As always, thanks for taking the time to watch or comment or send us a message. It makes my day when I know one of our posts made someone else’s day just a bit brighter. Your kindness and generosity makes me a better person – so thank you!

42 thoughts on “Our Year in Review”

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your videos.
    We now have our own “Penny mayhem”, Tala, our 9th ridgeback. She is so affectionate, full of joy and has a brilliant sense of fun but we were convinced that for the first 2 years she was selectively deaf! So Intent on enjoying life regardless of whether her mate Leo or any other dog enjoyed her exhuberance………A certificate of attendance at puppy school and a second at training later,( she is our first ridgeback to need official training), we heeded the breeders advice and waited till she was 2yrs and finally slowed down enough to be able to listen and see the treats.
    Everyone of our ridgebacks has been so different, so individual, it has been a such a pleasure to share and enjoy our lives with them.
    You video reminds me of the joy and times with our ridgebacks……look forward to seeing more of them.

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful new daughter joining your wonderful family, and thank you for sharing your fun 2019 recap!


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