Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks Easy to Train?

No! And despite all the fun photos and videos I post, we’re always working on some kind of training – failing in new and spectacular ways each day. I’m often asked about the behavioral challenges of training off-leash so I put together this longer video of our imperfect efforts to corral Zero’s alpha tendencies.

If you’re struggling with your own dog’s behavior, I hope you find the video a helpful reminder that even D-list famous Ridgebacks aren’t all they might seem. If you aren’t struggling with your dog’s behavior, well then just feel free to enjoy watching one man’s flailing attempts at taming the chaos!

30 thoughts on “Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks Easy to Train?”

  1. How did you train your dogs to walk on a loose leash? Mine is not a heavy puller, but walks most of the time at the end of the leash, slightly pulling. And more pulling when something interesting of course. Have got an intact male, in Norway speying/castration is allowed only if necessary for medical reasons.

    • I’d recommend checking out a few different YouTube tutorials to see which method works best for your guy. Some do well with the stop/sit/walk method, whereas I found Penny did better when we changed directions whenever she pulled


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