2020 Winter Adventures

What do people need in their darkest hour? Toilet paper, apparently. Excellent medical care, definitely. Kindness, always.

And a bit of dumb fun. Or at least I think so! But maybe that’s just because it’s all I can offer at the moment.

It’s an ominous time for the world, but hopefully a dope running around with his Ridgebacks and kids can help you escape for a few minutes. Sending lots of love from my family to yours!

17 thoughts on “2020 Winter Adventures”

  1. So with the state of Illinois stating you can only go out for work and groceries or medical, how do you get away with the dog exercise? Luckily we have acreage to exercise our dogs on if our state decides to be stupid.

    • Despite the shelter-in-place order, outdoor exercise is still encouraged. Park facilities are shut down, but we’re good to go with our morning beach runs fortunately.

  2. You must go to the beach very, very early am!
    As always, I love your stories- but the scenery always makes me home sick😊!! And I want to move back…
    Quinn is getting so big.
    Sending hugs to all of you. Stay healthy.
    – Miriam (Quinn) Keller


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