How Much Do Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies Cost?

I’ve written before about why I purchased my dogs from a responsible breeder, but I still get plenty of emails from people unsure about what separates an ethical breeder from a back-yard-breeder

I hope today’s video shows the dedication, love and effort of reputable breeders and why it’s essential we support their efforts while working to end unethical breeding.

Special thanks to Emmy from Roaring Fork RR for providing a lot of the great footage for this video!

13 thoughts on “How Much Do Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies Cost?”

  1. Ditto… e Bravo for the effort to thank the honest people who are responsible for making our lives a bit better by breeding healthy creatures we all love.
    I had a ridge for 14 years… after letting him go to heaven I decided I will never have a dog again… Until six and half years ago when I got my beloved Bella a Doberman pincher who died on December 22nd from horrible cancer. Losing her was the worst day in my life….Unlike losing my parents, my two sisters, my brother and recently my very best friend (like flesh brother to cancer) Bella left me with huge vacuum in my life. There isn’t a day that goes by without thinking about her and a time I stop and cry. She was the true love of my life…. Now my wife is going to bitch all day long… That I love a dog more than her…..
    It’s hard to be without just wonder being… For little we give and it’s unmeasurable for what we get out of them.
    May we have the same feeling like these creatures have for us.
    Ps, I’m just creature who happened to be human being… My dog is a creature like me and much better.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Great video and information. I have been talking with 7 different breeders lately (yes, 7!) as we think about getting our next pup. All have been positive experiences. I really enjoy working with breeders who are obsessed with their breed and breed for temperament, health and the dogs’ ability to do the work they’re meant to do.

    • That’s great you’ve been able to talk with so many. Each unique perspective is valuable no matter where you end up getting the puppy from. Building a Ridgeback network is a great way to learn and I’ve been fortunate to be able to turn to the community on multiple occasions when I hit a dead end in one thing or another


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