We’re Still Here!

You know it’s been a while since you last post when a bunch of concerned emails start coming in. I’m just quarantined in an apartment with two small children and two Ridgebacks and the city has closed all playgrounds (human and dog) so can’t imagine why anyone would think things aren’t peachy!

Yes, these are crazy times. Fortunately, children, Ridgebacks and myself all have a loose grip on reality to begin with. We’re healthy and finding moments of joy wherever we can. I’m grateful for that, and wishing the same for all of you! (The health and joy part, not the loose grip on reality part)

9 thoughts on “We’re Still Here!”

  1. It is good to know that all is well. Your posts help keep us sane and our pack happy and healthy. Thank you and be well.
    Sallie Tranum

  2. Love it “our dogs always have our hearts” true! Glad to hear your all staying well & safe. Best wishes from Queensland Australia x

  3. Glad you and your ‘crew’ are all safe and apparently adapting well to the quarantine. Do I see how-to book on weathering the lockdown with small kids and dogs here? Continue to stay safe and sane.


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