Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Bite?

You bet! Biting is the best, until it’s the worst. It took me some time to think about training bite inhibition in my dogs in a way that made sense, so I thought I’d share my thoughts for this oft asked question.

As always, I am not smart and have no credentials, so please never take what I say as professional advice! My hope here is help those preparing to welcome home a Ridgeback for the teeth tornado that’s heading their way!

7 thoughts on “Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Bite?”

  1. Great video ,as always .Nila ,our two and a half year old has the softest mouth of all the R.Rs we have ever had . Brought up with two children the eldest was only just 2 when she was born .I believe this must have had something to do with her outstanding gentleness.Keep up the good work,Will and stay strong.Last remark,between dog and man there is a contract,binding on both sides

    • I don’t know! Because I’m not sure what you mean, but I’m sure I probably messed something up

  2. Best breed in the world; love them so much! But yes puppy teeth are vampire teeth. Great post, thanks!

  3. I loved what you said at the end it’s ot our job to change their nature… absolutely… but we can lead it to good things instead to deal with gnawed noses and fingers ;O)


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