Male vs Female Rhodesian Ridgeback: Which One Should You Get?

Should you get a male or female Ridgeback?

It’s one of the most frequent question I get. There’s no shortage of opinions on the matter, and mine is that the personality and disposition of the individual dog is always more important than any generalizations about either sex

That said, there are plenty of tendencies and stereotypes that I wish I had known more about when I first discovered the breed. Not because they’re prescriptive, but because I think they can help inform people about some behaviors, mannerisms and quirks typically common to males or females

A good portion of a first time Ridgeback owner’s mind is devoted to the question, “Is this [insert insane thing] normal?” so hopefully I can help assure people that they and their pup are in good company!

5 thoughts on “Male vs Female Rhodesian Ridgeback: Which One Should You Get?”

  1. So true of my gang! My girl Malika is top dog, loves her own people but on her terms and lets you know when you may love on her. My boys just want to be on top of me all the time.

  2. After loosing our beloved Ziggy unexpectantly in May we looked at adopting and our only option was Bee – turned out to be a rescue 15month old English Pointer a little girl. Definitely different to having boys but she is lovely all the same and an immediate part of the family who loves her new big brother – and her new found freedom and love from her new family.

  3. wonderful video… and a good question what probably has no right or wrong answer. the main thing maybe is to become a family or a team… and that should be possible with girls and boys ;O)


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