The Best Training Technique for Rhodesian Ridgebacks

I am not a smart man. But I do have smart dogs, and I’ve discovered that life is better for all of us when I let them make their own choices. I was introduced to the concept of choice-based training a few years ago and it is the single most important idea I’ve come across for effectively and successfully training my pups.

I’m hoping it works for kids too!

5 thoughts on “The Best Training Technique for Rhodesian Ridgebacks”

  1. It took me a couple of ridgebacks to discover this the hard way. But you are absolutely right, as usual, that this is the only way to train ridgebacks. Obedience classes generally do not take breed individuality into consideration and it took me some time to learn to work within their structure to get my guys to where they needed to be. It also took some self-confidence on my part to disagree with the teachers on how best to use this type of training but the results have been truly amazing.

  2. oooh you are sure smart… you started early with training… and you are the one who can do their nails easily at home while I have to wait till one of the vets is world weary enough to get this job ;O)


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