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March 3, 2020

A Blanket Worth Losing

Comments for A Blanket Worth Losing

  1. Eve Walraven says:

    I can agree with this as I have some that were made for my boys to use and I put them away only now to realize what you say is true — A Blanket should be USED with the love that made if for you or your kids. I think this is your best post yet!! Keep them coming! HUGS and LOVE to all!

  2. OlRedHair says:

    I agree with Eve. Best post yet! It brought back so very many memories. Thank you!

  3. ctaylor says:

    A great gift to pass along to your kids! And the stories that will passed on about how that blanket helped you grow through the years will become cherished memories!

  4. Cynthia Marquez says:

    As a quilter, I totally agree. I do not make quilts for someone to store away for family heirlooms. They are made to snuggle, comfort, imagine and wear out!! Once again, you have totally hit it out of the park. I love love love your writing and gorgeous pictures. P.S. The very first quilt I made over 30 years ago is now totally worn but dearly loved by my two ridgebacks as it is the softest one you can imagine and they are indeed creatures of comfort. I’m not ready to throw it out as it reminds me of how I started but it still offers comfort!

  5. Clyde Benedix says:

    You have outdone yourself with this post! A truly heartfelt story that carries so many love fe lessons. We still have an orange Afghan that was the absolute favorite of our reaction Ed Dobie, Rocky. I swear after all these years I can still smell his sweet scent. Thanks for the wonderful story!

  6. Sue says:

    What an incredibly beautiful story written from the heart. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Kathy Lordier says:

    You weave a lovely story about the life of blankets. And it reminds me of my parents saying “we got it to use it” about things of value. I’m grateful that I grew up knowing that the prized possession was prized because of the memories we made with it. We ate on our ‘good china’ every night, we got to sit on the ‘nice sofa’ and yes, I have one of those amazing GoodDogBeds.com blankets that I also tried to keep for myself but am happiest sharing it with my husband and Ridgebacks!

  8. RidgebackLife says:

    As always, I love your insights, Will, but Please, no more blankets! Wash day is already dedicated to cleaning them all before Neeka and Khoi know any are missing! Still, during the night, when I hear the groan from Neeka telling me the blanket “has fallen off her,” I struggle to find a free one to throw over. They always end up sleeping on all six. Do you know how hard it is to pull a single blanket out from under an 80lb dog in the middle of the night? You end up pulling the dog onto you And goodness knows, I don’t want to get up and get the other four from the front room! Truth be told, blankets and Ridgebacks…you can’t have enough❤️

  9. Loving and sharing…the pillars of a good life.

  10. Eve Uhlmann says:

    just beautiful! I dare not wash my Poppy-girls coat after she passed, I often would bury my face into it, not ever wanting to forget her scent x

  11. Sweet post. So heartfelt. Blankets. Who woulda thunk it?

  12. buffyquinn5 says:

    There is a reason The Velveteen Rabbit is so endearing for so many of us…A blanket, a tattered Rabbit, a old discolored turtleneck belonging to a best friend long gone… that’s how you know you are really loved.

    Thanks Will, for capturing in a tender story about kids, grown ups, puppies , grandmas and babies how good it feels to really, really love. – Quinn Keller

    PS- Do you have stock in tissue companies?

  13. Kismet says:

    Pass things on and don’t lock them up.

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